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View Advanced Strength Training, Version 1.1
View Advanced Strength Training, Version 1.1
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About the Academic Online Education Center

The HK Academic Online Education Center is higher education’s site for information about HK’s online courses and access to the courses themselves. It is the principal entry point for college and university students who have been assigned Human Kinetics Online Courses by their instructors. Faculty use the AOEC not only to review and order new courses but, through the Faculty Center, to access and manage the courses they have assigned.

Information for Faculty:

Human Kinetics’ online courses for health and fitness professionals are available at substantial discount for adoption and incorporation into regular credit-bearing college or university courses. For more information about this unique and exciting opportunity, contact your Human Kinetics higher education sales representative. If you do not have contact information, click here to send e-mail.

College and university instructors may obtain reviewer access to Human Kinetics online courses while considering them for adoption. An instructor who reviews an HK course will receive a temporary version of the course and materials. Instructors who then wish to adopt a course will be given access to the online course and exam and their students’ exam scores, as well as to all the course content. Please note that if you have had reviewer access to a course while considering it for adoption, you must call and order the instructor version to obtain your administrative privileges and to continue to access the course content. Click here to request reviewer access.

Once you have adopted an HK online course and received your Instructor Version of the course, you will use the AOEC Faculty Center to create and manage your class roster and to gain continuing access to the course and exam.

Information for Students:

The Academic Online Education Center is your entry to Human Kinetics courses that you are taking through your college or university. To enter, click on the My Courses button. When you access your course for the first time you will be asked for a Human Kinetics KEYCODE for that course, which you will purchase along with your textbooks at your local college bookstore. After entering your KEYCODE, you will be able to access the course by logging in with the email address and password that you set up when registering. A link to "Join Classes" will appear on your "My Courses" page next to your academic course entry. Click that link in order to join your instructor's class (and add yourself to their roster). You will need to enter the "Class Code" (provided by your instructor), as well as your email address, and Student ID (the identification number assigned by your college or university).

Academic Human Kinetics Online Education Center
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